Rhett and Link ACEOs

My First ACEOs

I have been making and trading ATCs for a few years now and have decided to start making some ACEOs. Now I am not going to go into great detail about the difference or why it exists. Simply put, both are 2.5″ x 3.5″ however, ATCs are for trade with other artists, while ACEOs can be sold, bartered, burned, given to llamas or transported across dimensions. Regardless as comic duo has recently taken my house by storm and has been forever immortalized on my first two ACEOs.

Rhett and Link

Rhett ACEO

Rhett. His hair goes up.

A few weeks ago, my daughter logged into her profile, went to YouTube and introduced me to Rhett and Link’s songs. Well technically, it was a reintroduction. My wife had shown me the ShamWow Song a few years ago. Perhaps around the same time that I started making ATCs. I laughed and enjoyed it, but didn’t know that they continued to make videos, funny videos on YouTube.

My daughter played songs for me such as the Guacamole Song, the Facebook Song and The Epic Rap Battle. We laughed and we laughed some more.

Not long after all 5 of us were coming home from Costco singing along to the Guacamole Song on the radio with the help of my phone and YouTube.

Neededless to say, we had soon subscribed to the RhettandLink channel and watched more of their videos including some of their non-musical comedy including the Men who can’t pee commercial and the Bicycle Police Caption Fail.


Link. His hair goes down.

The truth is that we we have as a family been watching a whole lot of Rhett and Link and laughing our butts off. My son has recently started painting a Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time painting. Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time being a 5 word song title song created by Rhett and Link as part of a series of songs named by fans. Their second in the series is Rub Some Bacon On It, which features a Bacon Bot which can be seen in the background of the Rhett and Link cards that I made.

Wrapping it up, I am now making ACEOs and Rhett and Link are making me and my kids laugh and laugh some more.

Rub Some Bacon on It

Bicycle Police Caption Fail

Guacamole Song

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