Lady Odin: The Internet’s Superhero, take two

Lady Odin ACEO

An alternate look for Lady Odin

I few days ago I posted about how I created Lady Odin in response the demand from search traffic for the terms “Odin” and “Sexy Nude Model”.

Interestingly, on my other blog Wonky Fresh which is about art projects that I do with my kids to improve all of our artistic skills and spend time together, a similar occurrence is happening. My site is becoming quite popular for totem poles.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that people are coming and looking around. I just find it interesting the things that and up catching the interest of google and the people using it.

With this, the second of four Lady Odin concepts, I went with a more mature look since Odin is well old. However I gave her pink hair, not the old people that can’t keep their hair color straight pink hair, but more of a young and vibrant cotton candy like pink hair. Again the eye is missing and she sports a crow, both intrinsic parts of the Odin mythology. Come back and see concept number three and I’ll talk a little about the Odin mythos beyond Marvel comics.

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