Chicken Squid!!

From the World of Nertiah

So if you are keeping track of days here, you will notice something a bit off. I won’t lie to you on this Sunday night and tell you that I posted yesterday, or tell you that I completed a card and didn’t post yesterday. The truth of the matter is that I did work on a number of cards yesterday, but did not complete any. So I think I am going to alter this challenge a little bit. I will retain the spirit of the challenge, by requiring 30 cards in 30 days and I also want to maintain the discipline by forcing myself to work on cards each day.

I don’t want to beat myself up over yesterday. Rather it is time to recover and move on. So moving on, we were at the Dreampool which had exploded after Reg pushed Fred into it.

I think I see where this story is going, right now it is one part pandora’s box and one part a Mercer Mayer book that I loved when I was a kid called Bubble Bubble. Where all sorts of magical bubble creatures were created by this kid with a good imagination. The book had no words, but told the story with only pictures.

Back to Nertiah, there is lots of strange stuff coming out of the Dreampool now that it has exploded. When thinking about strange stuff that might come out. I remembered a dream that my daughter told me about that she had. A scary dream with “chicken-squids” in it. I think the idea of a chicken-squid is a rather awesomely creative one, so I have included it here.

Chicken Squid

Number 11: Chicken Squid

One of the many things to emerge from the chaos at the Dreampool is the chicken-squid. A fantastically awesome, though sometimes scary creature from the depths of a dreaming imagination.

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