Nertiah 12: Gideon Wainwright

From the World of Nertiah

Still playing a bit of catch up after missing Sunday’s post, but now I have a couple card buffer so it is just a matter of getting things posted.

Yesterday we saw that a chicken-squid emerged from the Dreampool.

Gideon Wainwright

Number 12: Gideon Wainwright

The truth of the matter is that many, many things emerged from the remains of the exploded Dreampool on that day. A few too many things for local farmer and all around regular guy Gideon Wainwright. The illustrious Mr. Wainwright had developed a method that had actually allowed him to lead Strays back to his farm. There he kept them on a free-range and kept them for their milk and eggs. Strays are funny animals that way providing both milk and eggs and therefore becoming queens of the dairy world.

It was Gideon himself that developed this method and he was as practical as he was stout of heart. Unfortunately for him, his mind was neither as stout as his heart of practical as he had proved to be. The happenings at the Dreampool on this day were too much for him and he completely lost his sanity.

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