Nertiah 14: Magic Vegetables

From the World of Nertiah

The idea for today’s card came from an odd blending of two things that my kids enjoyed. They wouldn’t normally go together, except in my mind because they were both my kids favorites at times. Vegetales and Harry Potter came crashing together and oozing out of the Dreampool aftermath.

Magic Vegetables

Nertiah #14: Magic Vegetables

While most fruits and vegetables are considered magical in their own right, this group is especially magical.

Legend tells of a small group of freedom fighters that will emerge from the great chaos of the latter days and bring peace, happiness and order to the world of Nertiah. While I can’t say if this band of magical fruits is in fact the fulfillment of that prophecy, it is a possibility. In addition to being able to levitate objects and transform them into snakes and whatnot, they can also keep you healthy and regular. Now that is magical!

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