Captain Super

Captain Super (Dec 2012 #7) Acrylic on Canvas 8" x 10"

Captain Super (Dec 2012 #7) Acrylic on Canvas *” x 10″

Part of my Burning Thirteen in 2013 Challenge

Last night I finished up my thirteenth painting of December which fulfills my part of the challenge for this, the first month. I am very happy to have this first month with an eleven day handicap, it give me hope for the remaining 12 months that I will be able to complete the challenge and work my job and be a dad and have a semblance of a life to boot.

Many of my paintings and drawings are created with something playing in the background. Be it an audiobook or show or something to follow along with mentally or not while I create. Recently, a show that I have enjoyed is the uber-geeky Big Bang Theory which I makes me laugh and admittedly relate to. Sheldon often wears The Flash shirts or even wearing Flash costumes. I think that is what got me thinking of superheroes for the theme of this painting. He ended up non-descript. Not any super hero in particular, but a sort of mash-up protecting the city.

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