Grandtatz Ubrzzstattazz – Goblin King

Ggrandtatz Ubrzztstattazz - Goblin King

Ggrandtatz Ubrzztstattazz – Goblin King

My daughter recommended a show to me from the Syfy Channel called Face Off. She said that she saw it at school and that it was a make up competition. Naturally I resisted the idea of watching it, but she insisted and she mentioned that she episode she saw at school was about creating a goblin king. So I caved and gave it a chance.

It is an enjoyable show and I have now been watching it. Naturally, my daughter wanted me to create my own goblin king and here he is: Grandtatz Ubrzzstattazz! King of Goblins!

If you do want to see the goblin king episode it is episode 1 of season 4. There is a majorly awesome ice goblin king that is created in it.

Face Off Trailer

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