It’s Your Fantasy ATC Swap

I have now successfully hosted 3 artist trading card swaps.

I have started a fourth on with a theme of the fantasy genre. Here is my write-up of the theme.

The fantasy genre has captured the minds and hearts of millions of fans. Inspiring thousands of books, TV shows, movies and games. In books, there are the classics of J.R.R. Tolkien such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The unpredictable drama of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. The sweeping epic that is Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. Don’t forget The First Law, Mistborn and many other great stories.

Moving to movies we find more memorable worlds with Legend, Willow and the cult favorite comedy, The Princess Bride. In television we even find fantasy influences with Xena, Hercules and a return to Game of Thrones. If you are like me you also have a gaming interest. From the epic stories of the Forgotten Realms universe containing the dark elf Drizzt and Elminster the mage to the wide open possiblities of D & D where anything can happen. Maybe you prefer computer gaming in the World of Warcraft? The games of The Elder Scrolls? Fable?

In these worlds there are humans and, generally, other races; elves, orks, dwarves and so much more. Dragons roam and hoard in various incarnations. Magic crackles from high towers while hordes of evil minions roar across continents set upon mayhem and destruction. It is a place where things go bump in the night and the imagination can run free.

For this swap, you will be making 3 ATCs inspired by the fantasy genre. This can be a specific movie, book, game or TV show, or it can be a creation of your own. Just make sure it fits the fantasy genre. You know; magic, scales, spiky bits, fair maidens and big monsters of chaos and destruction. That sort of thing. Tentacles are cool. Just make sure that you stick to magic rather than computers, because sci-fi will need to wait for another swap.


Trollocs ATC

Trollocs ATC

I am currently reading the fourteenth and final book in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series. It is an excellent fantasy series that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves huge epic fantasy. One of the enemies in the series are called trollocs. These are sort of like orcs in other popular fantasy except that they are mutations of man and beast. Being upright creatures like humans they have features of beasts and slay with ferocity and hatred of human kind. They are grouped and driven onward my fades, or Myrddraal. These are black caped eyeless dark creatures that link to the trollocs telepathically.

Vin, Mistborn

Vin Mistborn ATC

Vin Mistborn ATC

Robert Jordan unfortunately died before finishing his epic Wheel of Time Series. The final three books have been co-authored by Brandon Sanderson. This choice was partially based on his work in his own Mistborn Trilogy. A series that I picked up and read the first book of while waiting for A Memory of Light to be released. The book was quite good with a very interesting magic system. The main character, Vin, is depicted on this card.

What have I got in my pockets?

What have I got in my pockets ATC

What have I got in my pockets ATC

The all time classic The Hobbit, currently put back on the silver screen by Peter Jackson is a story that I really enjoyed as a child. My dad read it to me which is a happy childhood memory. I also was fond of an audio recording by Nicol Williamson. While I have not yet seen the recent release I am quite familiar with the story. One of the classic scenes occurs deep beneath the Misty Mountains where bilbo discovers gollum and his precious. A series of riddles in the dark ensues culminating with Bilbo’s riddle, “What have I got in my pockets?”

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