Lrnazz Stuffzen

Lrnazz Stuffzen

Lrnazz Stuffzen – Wise Goblin

Lrnazz Stuffzen is a wize goblin. Do you know how you can tell that he is a wise and learned goblin? I will give you a hint. It isn’t because he is reading. Yeah, I figured that would have been a dead give away. Most goblins don’t bother learning to read, but simply reading does not catapult Lrnazz status to “Wise”.

No, it isn’t the not so clever way that Learn Stuff is hidden in his name.

No, it isn’t all the shelves with stuff behind him.

No, it isn’t the candles.

It is the monocle.

Wearing a monocle adds 50 points to your IQ score, 60 if you wear it for long periods of time. Simply owning a monocle raises your IQ by 20 points.

Let that be an important lesson to you, from a wise goblin.

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