What in the Whedonverse ATC Swap

Last year, I finally took the plunge and hosted my first ATC Swap. I think that finally made up my mind was that I had a theme that I wanted to made and trade for cards in. That theme was the world of Joss Whedon.

I am a fan of pretty much everything that this guy has made. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Dr Horrible’s Sing along blog, Dollhouse the lost goes on. For this swap I decided on fan art from anything and everything that the man has created.

Firefly – Curse Your Sudden Yet Inevitable Betrayal

Curse Your Sudden Yet Inevitable Betrayal ATC

Curse Your Sudden Yet Inevitable Betrayal ATC

One of the best sci-fi shows of all time. It’s premature cancellation is often referred to by it’s fans as a great travesty foisted upon us by the media corporations. Firefly was a well written and executed with Joss’ trademark snappy dialog and an interesting plot line. It’s characters had depth and humor as they traversed the far reaches of space in search of work in this space western.

The pilot of the ship Serenity was Wash whose introduction to the audience involved him playing with toy dinosaurs on the console of the ship which is what is depicted here.

Dollhouse – Dr Claire Saunders

Dollhouse - Dr Claire Saunders ATC

Dollhouse – Dr Claire Saunders ATC

Another great yet cancelled show was Dollhouse. The story of an underground service that provided human dolls, programmed to meet the wishes of it’s rich clientele. What could have been a simple story about a high tech brothel expanded into a world of intrigue and even a post apocalyptic wasteland. Dr Claire Saunders played the doctor for the facility.

Written By a Kid – Scary Smash ATC

Written By a Kid - Scary Smash ATC

Written By a Kid – Scary Smash ATC

If you haven’t discovered the Geek and Sundry channel on You Tube you are missing out. One of the shows on the channel is called Written by a Kid, which is just that. Each week a kid’s story is brought to life by a movie industry professionals. The initial episode was called Scary Smash and featured the acting talents of Joss himself.

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