Windows 8, a new scanner and Artist Trading Cards in Progress

I have a confession to make.  I use Linux on my computers.  I like it.  I really do.  The first thing I do when I get a conputer up and running in my house is wipe Windows off the hard drive and install Linux.  Regardless of the merits of Linux I recently ran into an issue.  I have an older model HP Printer Scanner combo that I use to scan my art work.  It works, but it isn’t the greatest.  In mid 2012, I bought a newer model HP Printer Scanner.  I like HP and they do a pretty  good job supporting Linux.  Except that my new printer / scanner didn’t really work all that well.  I got the printing working ok, not perfect, but it would print.    However I never really got the scanner working, which was a problem since I didn’t buy it for the printer. 

I have been doing a lot of art recently and want to get better scans of it.  So, I broke down and punched up the Dell Outlet and found a cheap compact desktop and ordered it.  It arrived today and I set it up.   This time I avoided the step where I oblitterated windows from the computer and took the plunge.  Initially I was confused and repulsed.  But I did get the printer and scanner running flawlessly with little to no effort so my plan is working perfectly. 
I like some of the stuff about windows and hate a lot of the stuff, but I am gritting  my te eth and using it in the name of better art.   In the meantime I took a couple scans of the artist trading cards I am working on.  These are fantasy genre themed with the first row being scenes from books,  Mistborn, The Hobbit and Wheel of Time.  The second row is dragons and the final row is other mythical beasts,
The scans are better than my old scanner so I am happy about that.  The art is coming along nicely so I am happy about that too.  In fact I am just plain happy.  Though I do admit that I am not typing this up on my Windows PC.

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