Dragons! Month 3 of The Burning Thirteen in 2013 Challenge


February was an incredible month, breaking in to watercolors and painting dragons. Going digital and learning and trying new stuff. It was also a month of failure. I month that I only completed 7 of my planned thirteen paintings. But I am not going to let that get me down as I explained in the post for one of my sketches.

In the end February opened up many opportunities and gives me a chance to redeem myself. A time to go back and complete somethings that I should have completed in the past. A time to break down walls and smash through blocks. I time of Spring cleaning. For that reason I am making the theme for March completion of projects that are left unfinished.

Here are links to my paintings for February

  1. Dragon on a Hill
  2. Spider Eel Dragon
  3. Rainbow Dragon
  4. Griffon Dragon
  5. Flying Pig Dragon
  6. Two Headed Dragon
  7. Sailin’

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