Discovery on Dive 672

Discovery on D\ive 672

Discovery on D\ive 672

I’ve got a whole lot of new art to post up and a new shop on society6. What I want to concentrate on at the moment is this new pen and ink drawing, Discovery on Dive 672.

For this drawing I wanted to do something new and original, but draw from underwater inspirations such as Bioshock and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea to make a drawing with a feeling of dark discovery. The diver was on a routine dive when he noticed something just over the next rise. Of course he is noticed himself by a large octopus. Will he survive? What will happen if he gets back with his news of an underwater civilization?

I had a lot of fun drawing this (without any pencil guidelines) and think that I will make some more of these, larger (that trading card sized) drawings.

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