My kit

My most used tools

My most used tools

I’ve been keeping busy and have made quite a lot of art in the time since my last post. I am going to have to sit down and start posting it up here soon. That is not what I am doing tonight. I am posting tonight to talk a little about my most commonly used tools.

I was browsing G+ when I came across Byron Rempel‘s post, work when you can .. wherever you can. In which he discusses his kit that he has streamlined to be portable for instant creativity.

Looking around at my on tools, mine are not nearly as portable but are compact enough to usable on moment’s notice in any area of my home.

I generally work in a 2.5″ x 3.5″ format, but pre-cutting my paper to this size seems like a waste of canvas space. This is mainly because I find it difficult to draw near the edge of a page and when working in trading card size, most of the canvas is near the edge. Because of this I use a standard 9″ x 12″ sheet of bristol board. I can fit 9 card sized areas onto this comfortably with gutters in between them. For portability I tape it down to a 11″ x 14″ board that I picked up at Michael’s I think it is supposed to be a wooden canvas but it is lightweight, solid and perfect for my needs. I have found that the pre-primed version holds the tape better.

I work in pencil first and the .5 Kuru Toga mechanical pencil by uni is my pencil of choice. They have a nifty device inside of them that rotates the lead as you write to keep it from getting flat. I originally found it on Jetpens, but have recently discovered them for much cheaper at Walmart.

For years I did my inking with fountain pen and Platinum Carbon black ink. The Pilot Penmanship EF lays down a wonderfully thin line that works well and the ink is water and Copic resistant.

I lay down color with my increasing collection of Copic and Prismacolor markers that I keep in a standard plastic bin that costs $1.99. It isn’t a perfect solution but allows me to cary all of them easily and is transparent which makes colors easier to find.

Finally, I have a blade, cutting mat and 18″ metal ruler that allow me to cut my completed work down to the correct size.

Those are my standard tools, and my setup allows me to draw at my desk, the dining room table or on occasion on the floor of the living room while watching a movie. What do you use?

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