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Superhero Swap

I am mighty. I have a glow you cannot see. I have a heart as big as the moon. As warm as bathwater. We are superheroes, men, we don’t have time to be charming. The boots of evil were made for walkin’. We’re watching the big picture, friend. We know the score. We are a public service, not glamour boys. Not captains of industry. Keep your vulgar moneys. We are a justice sandwich. No toppings necessary. Living rooms of America, do you catch my drift? Do you dig? — The Tick

I really cannot top The Tick when it comes to wordsmithery. I can only hope that my artwork in this 2011 superhero swap will be passed on an remembered for generations like a warm cozy sweater. Someday our descendants may need this sweater and reach for it and wear it, all warm and scratchy in the name of Justice!

The Tick

The Tick

I am, the Tick! Spoon!

As you can tell, I love The Tick, he is the comic spoof that is comically comical while maintaining it’s comic-ness. On this card, I captured the sublime moment where the Tick is talking to Arthur about finding a battle cry that will strike terror into the hearts of evil-doers while eating cereal. He look up at his spoon while and discovers the bettle-cry, Spoon!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman ATC

What is there not to love about a scantily clad amazon princess that fights for justice with bracers, a lasso and an invisible helicoptor? I recall sitting in front of the TV screen at my friend’s house staring, dreamy eyed at the television at Lynda Carter’s portrayal of Wonder Woman. One of my childhood crushes.

Captain Hammer

Captain Hammer

Captain Hammer ATC

If you have been living under a rock and have not seen Joss Whedon’s Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, then go and watch it without delay. In the show, Nathan Fillion stars as Captain Hammer, a super hero who is dull, stupid, egotistical, and strong. It is hilarious. I own the shirt.

Dub Dub

Dub dub ATC

Wendy Watson AKA Dub Dub

I don’t know how people other than myself watched ABC Family’s comedy show, The Middleman, based on the comic book series by the same name by Javier Grillo-Marxuach. I don’t think it was very many, which is a shame, like so many other shows I enjoy, it was cancelled. It is the story of a superhero known as the Middle Man who has had his technological assets subsidized by an unknown entity protect the public and fight evil. He hires Wendy Watson, a twenty something artist in a rut as his sidekick and adventures and hi-larity ensue. Wendy’s name is abbreviated to WW or “Dub Dub” and occasionally “Dubby”.

Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

The Middleman: Episode 1

Back to ATCs

So I am not sure exactly why I stopped making ATCs. Oh sure it’s easy to say that I’ve been extremely busy, and I have been on and off. I got back into painting miniatures for Warhammer 40k. I have been getting back into gaming. Looking at it more closely, the reason I stopped making them is not so important. I do know the reason that I started making them again and perhaps it is the reason that I had stopped as well. I mentioned previously that I had started my first moley swap, well now I’ve finished it.

Finished my first Moley Swap

So I mentioned that I had started my first moley swap and that was quite a while ago. It was quite a bit of fun and a good experience. I have finished all of my moley drawing obligations, and though I haven’t posted them up here, I will hopefully be doing so in the coming weeks. There are seven in all ranging in theme from MC Escher to children playing to dragons.

Now that it is done, I feel that some art time has freed up. An art vacuum in my life that can be filled with ATCs though I am thinking of seeing how well I can sell ACEOs on ebay at some point as well.

Mid April Nerd Pride Pick-a-Theme Swap

This month’s mid month Pick-a-Theme swap over at ATCsForAll.com has the perfect theme for me to get back into making cards again, it is a geek and nerd themed swap, so of course I signed up for two groups.

The Pick-a-Theme swaps are split up into groups of five artists. Each artist in the group declares a theme and the other four artists in the group draw a card with that theme for them. Signups go pretty quickly, but I was lucky enough to check it out just at the right time and was able to sign up for both groups 5 and 6.

Group 6 Cards

I haven’t finished up my cards for group 5 as of yet, but I have finished my group six cards and here they are. All cards are Prismacolor marker, pen and pencil on Bristol board. Except for the base skin tones. I finally splurged and bought myself a pack of 5 skin tone Copic markers. I haven’t used them much as of yet, but have already fallen in love with the buttery smooth brush tip end of the marker. It is so nice to work with.

My theme

For my own theme I reached into the depths of paranoid geekdom and pulled out the Tin Foil Hat (TFH). Yes, the ever so useful defensive mechanism that can prevent the governement from controlling you thoughts or aliens from reading yout mind. So my theme for this group is TFH fashions. I want to see what the latest and greatest in fashion for tin foil hat wearers are wearing in Milan or Paris or a basement near you.

Stargate: Atlantis

I like most other people watched the original Stargate movie and enjoyed it, but when Syfy came out with this new show continuing in the mythos of the Stargate world, I tuned out and pretty much ignored it. I know there have been various incarnations of the show and what not, but I just wasn’t interested.

The first artist in my group chose anything from the first three seasons of Stargate: Atlantis as their theme. That was a problem, I didn’t know anything about the show much less what should be included or excluded when looking at only the first three seasons. Wait! The show had more than three seasons? So I brought up Netflix and watched an episode and it wasn’t bad. I’ve been watching, and yes enjoying, the show now and am almost done with the first season. So thanks! I like the show. My ATC is of the original Wraith Keeper chick that we find in the original episode. All other Wraith I have seen since then have been dudes.

Fallout Games

I enjoy Bethesda RPGs, and while the Fallout series didn’t quite work for me I did play enough of Fallout 3 to get excited by this theme. I am not quite sure why the game didn’t do it for me, I loved Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. Oh, speaking of Skyrim, check out this awesome performance of the Skyrim theme featuring Lindsay Stirling and Peter Hollens.

Back to the theme, Fallout. I went for the iconic Brotherhood or Steel image associated with the Fallout series.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

I really enjoyed Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog. I could go into detail ab out the creators and actors and the clever writing and distribution, but if you have seen it, you understand and if you haven’t then you should go and watch it. I have already drawn a number of ATCs that are Dr. Horrbile themed and here is my chance to draw another one. For this one I took a shot at drawing Felishia Day as Penny enjoying a frozen yogurt. I find her rather difficult to draw, but am pretty happy with the results of this one.

Battlestar Galactica

The final theme I drew was Battlestar Galactica from the series reboot, also on Syfy. I think I must be prejudiced against Syfy shows because this is another show that I watched a little bit of and decided I wasn’t going to watch more of. After finding Stargate: Atlantis enjoyable, maybe I’ll give it a second chance. Really all I know about the new show is that there is a chick called Number Six that wears a skimpy red dress so I drew her, somewhat caricatured.