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Dr Who ATC Triptych

Here are a set of pics from an ATC triptych I made recently for Illustrated ATCs art-a-thon.

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  • Copic and Prisma Marker
  • Strathmore Marker Paper
  • Platinum Carbon Ink
  • Pilot Penmanship fountain pen

Dr Who ATC Swap

This is my second Dr Who themed swap. I kinda love the show, so I have done this before.

Hello Sweetie ATC

Hello Sweetie ATC

River Song is one of my favorite characters on the show. She is a tough no-nonsense woman who gets what she wants one way or another. Some of the funniest moments that she has are when she nags the doctor that hs is using his tools incorrectly. Like the time that she explained to the doctor that the noise that the TARDIS makes when it takes off and lands is because he refuses to turn off the emergency brake. I wanted to play off that with this card. Having her show up while the doctor had muddled things into a mess.

Ninth Doctor ATC

Ninth Doctor ATC

I haven’t watched Dr Who forever. I have gone back and watched some of the 2nd and 3rd doctor episodes on Netflix, but beginning of the Ninth Doctor is where I started watching the show. I like David Tennant’s doctor, but my favorite is Christopher Eccleston’s 9th Doctor, probably because his portrayal is what caused me to watch the show.

Ood on the Loo ATC

Ood on the Loo ATC

Ood are another of my favorites. They are so… ood. From their introduction with, “We must feed” to the most recent, “Ood on the loo!” they are interesting, fun and difficult to read because of their lack of expression.

Rose Tyler ATC

Rose Tyler ATC

If the 9th doctor is what made me interested in the show, Rose Tyler kept me coming back for the next episode. Sexy, fun, adventurous and brave, she was an excellent companion and while I have enjoyed others, I still miss her on the show.

Dr Who Swap

In the past ten years, there have been many ideas, TV Shows, movies and brands that have been revitalized or rebooted. Transformers and the The Muppets are just a couple of the many franchises that have received a face lift, a fresh coat of paint and sent back out to garner attention.

Many of these are ill-fated and taint the original image of the show or brand. There is however one reboot of a series that really shines and carries on the proud tradition of the original. That is Doctor Who. For this 2011 ATC swap, the theme was anything and everything from the Doctor’s show. Since this is a show with a long and celebrated tradition, I had a difficult time narrowing my themes down to just four.


Psycho-Dalek ATC


Daleks are the Doctor’s ultimate enemy and pop-up repeatedly through various quirks of wibbly-wobbly time and space. They are a bio-engineered race of facists bent on destruction, domination and extermination. Don’t let their garbage can with a toilet plunger and egg beater attire deceive you, there is little more dangerous than a Dalek.

Sontar Ha!

Sontar Ha ATC

Sontar Ha!

Sontarans are another warlike race from the Dr Who-niverse. They are however far more interested in honor and the glory of battle than the extermination of a foe. They are also masters of strategy and chanting. Sontar Ha! Sontar Ha! Sontar Ha!



The T.A.R.D.I.S.

Just in case you didn’t know, the T.A.R.D.I.S. is bigger on the inside. This is made possible by the fact that it is Time and Relative Dimensions in Space or on occation Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style. Whatever you call it, it is the means by which the Time Lords travel in time and as much an integral part of the show as the Doctor himself.

Weeping Angel

Weeping Angel ATC

Weeping Angel

The Weeping Angels were introduced during the time on the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, and are one of my favorite baddies. When being observed, they are stone statues that appear to be weeping angels. However, when they are not seen, they move with frightening speed to consume energy in the world around them.

Nerd Pride PAT: Group 5

W00t! I joined two groups in this Nerd Pride PAT swap. I have already shown off my cards for group 6, and now I have completed my last card for group 5. The spot in the group was open for a while and so I didn’t know what to draw when i did the last set of cards. However the final spot has been filled and now all of my cards for the swap are completed.

My Theme

Being a geek themed swap, I felt that the Guild made a perfect choice as a theme. Other geeky shows such as Dr Horrible, Dr Who or Firefly are gaining popularity as theme choices, but I have yet to see a Guild themed card and I for one think that it would be cool to have one, and so I have picked it as my theme. If I am lucky, I will get a good variety and maybe a Vork and a Codex.

“I Saw it at the Ren Faire!”

Wanna Turkey Leg

Having been to a couple of Ren Faires you would think that the thing that made a big enough impression on me to draw it as an ATC would have been the jousting, the royalty, the language or the costumes, the corsets or the bosoms. You would be right, those are all great things about Ren Faires. However, anyone could have seen those things at a Ren Faire. At first Ren Faire that I went to, I enjoyed a roasted turkey leg still on the drumstick and so that is what I drew for this card.

Project Touhou

Utsuho Reiuji

I had no idea what Project Touhou was when this theme was requested. As it turns out, it was inducted into the Guinness World Records in October 2010 for being the “most prolific fan-made shooter series” of video games. Which I have to say is pretty darn impressive. I picked a character from the game named Utsuho Reiuji who is a Hell Raven. Apparently, her special power is the manipulation of nuclear fusion, which sounds as though it is very powerful in the game. And she has a huge eyeball on her chest which I guess helps her find her targets. Pretty cool theme.

Doctor Who

Don't Blink

Specifically any character from the show reboot, but especially David Tennant was the request. Well, here is the tenth doctor from one of my favorite episodes called Blink, which introduces us to a species called the Weeping Angels that are states of weeping angels when you are looking at you. However when you aren’t looking at them, they can come toward you at frightening speed to devour your potential future and send you into the past. If you haven’t seen this episode. Go watch it.

Battlestar Galactica

Number Six

I still haven’t watched much of this show but I still do know that Number Six is the primary person that gets all of the media coverage, so I drew her again. This time without the red dress, but yes she is still clothed.