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In the Mango Grove ATC

Exotic Indian Women Swap

Elephant Walk ATC
I recently made my cards for an ATC swap themed for Exotic Indian Women. When I think of India, I think of Bollywood stars, curry with rice, nan, henna, elephants, mangos and an assortment of other exotic things. Oh, also the super long limbed stretchy guy from Super Street Fighter II who said “Yoga Flame”, but I digress.
Desert Beauty ATC
What I am trying to say is that India is exotic, so I tried to put few of these exotic items in my cards along with the exotic women. Each of them has been henna-ed. Which I think is a nice touch.
I drew the cards out on Bristol board initially, which is a change from my normal watercolor paper. The Bristol has a nice fine texture and holds inks a bit better.
By Moonlight ATC
Once I drew out the sketches in pencil, I inked them with my Yellow EF Lamy Safari pen filled with Noodler’s Eel Rattler Red Ink. I like doing the inking in a color other than black because it softens up the lines a bit.
I relied heavily on my new Prismacolor markers for these. Almost all of the color is marker rather than pencil. The notable exception is that I used some yellow pencil on the background of Desert Beauty.
In the Mango Grove ATC
Once the coloring was complete, I went back with the Lamy pen and drew in the henna on the hands and other body parts. I like the red brown that it made when mixed with the skin tones.
Overall, I am happy with every card in this set. My drawing is getting more fluid and the curves and shapes are going onto paper easier. I hope those that get them like them.
If you got one of these, or just like the cards, please feel free to let me know.