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Monster Mash ATC Swap

The Widow Crashes ATC

This black widow has had a little too much merriment

Halloween is fast approaching and in the spirit of Halloween is the recent “Monster Mash ATC Swap”. The theme of the swap is Monsters having a good time or a party.

This swap is all about MONSTERS having a GOOD TIME!!!! Think Rock Star Monster Party!!!! Each page should depict a monster/creature having a GOOD TIME.

Frankenboogie ATC

Frankenstein getting down with his funky self

My cards for this swap were themed around a giant Halloween party that all the cool monsters would be attending, or perhaps it’s simply a 5 star 12 keg college Halloween party. In either case, my cards are some shots of what you might see there.

The Invisible Man Disrobes ATC

Know someone who gets a little crazy at parties? That's this guy.

We have a giant black widow that was probably intent on taking home some unsuspecting guy and feasting on him, however she has passed out cold after imbibing too much of the punch. Frankenstein’s is a bit out of character tonight as you can see him dancing a crazy dance after partaking of the festivities.

Cthulthu Pauses for a Beverege ATC

Even the mighty Cthulthu can't pass up some of the great drinks they are serving up at this Monster Mash

The Invisible Man is out to get his jollies and disrobes to run around the party naked. Or course nobody can see him and in the crowd they probably won’t notice him either. Finally, a hush falls over the party as the mighty Cthulthu enters, some shriek in instanity while others to wasted to notice go on with their night. Cthulthu simply grabs a drink and sits down to enjoy it as he plans his night of merriment.