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Yes, the blades actually slide down

After the Tree of Longing, I made my third pair of cards. I was sticking to my making cards in matching pairs theme apparently. This time I wanted to make a card that had moving parts, but I wanted the movement to be unobtrusive and I also wanted it to not affect the integrity of the cards. I came up with the idea of cutting a pair of slits in the card and sliding another piece of watercolor paper down between them. Naturally, I turned this idea into a guillotine, and I think that it turned out well.

Tree of Longing

After creating my very first artist trading cards, I turned around and tried it again. This time I wanted to do something a little more meaningful. At the time, my S.O. and I were going through a tough patch in our relationship. One where we were completely closed off to each other. Even though we both wanted it to be otherwise, neither one of us knew how or was willing to make the change. It made for a very distant and lonely time and I painted the pair of cards for Tree of Longing to represent that situation.

My Very First Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

My first ATCs

Back in the year 2006, I decided to try out ATCs. I’d seen someone mention them on 43Things and it sounded interesting so I decided to try then out for myself. At the time I had a small watercolor pad and I figured that it would be really cool to make two cards that matched up with each other rather than one card. After doing some measuring and math, along with some Googling to find out the correct size for and artist trading card, I found that the watercolor pad would fit the two cards with some room to spare around the edges that I could trim off for a border.

Back in the early 2000s, I had done some painting sales on eBay. One of my common motifs was space with UFOs and rocketships. It was kinda kitschy and I knew that I could paint it, so that is what I went with for my first cards. I sketched out the general image with pencil, then painted them with acrylic paint. All in all, it went pretty well. I ended up giving one away and then trading away the other one. I don’t recall what I got in return for the trade. I liked it enough that I soon followed it up with a few more ATCs also made in pairs.