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New Austin Departs

New Austin Departs

New Austin Departs

I really enjoyed making Discovery on Dive 672 with pen and ink. So much so that I turned around an started working on another pen and ink drawing. While discovery had that kind of 60′s exploration feel to it< went with a more steampunk feel to this one. So here come the gears and servo mechanical marvels. The form here is a walker that is the size of a city. A mobile city that can travel the old west. Dubbed, New Austin, this city-walker will carry passengers for as long or as short of a time as they desire to live there.

A print is available over on my society6 store.

Firefly ATC Time: Illustrated ATCs June Match Game

I signed up for the June Match Game over on Illustrated ATCs. The match game is a swap where players are paired up with another player and during the month make one or more cards to swap. Inconceivably, I was paired up with WonderStrange’s AnnD. Being sci-fi fans, we decided to do a 3:3 Firefly themed swap.


For those of you that are not aware of the cult sci-fi shoe Firfly and it’s concluding movie Serenity, it is one of the best sci-fi shows that never had a chance to take off. It was cancelled after only a dozen or so episodes and has since gained cult status with fans who enjoy it’s space western style and Whedon-esque dialog.

This is not the first time that I have made Firefly ATCs. Back in 2011, I created a set of 4 ATCs for a Firefly Swap. This time around I made cards for some of the same characters and a new one.

Malcom Reynolds

Captain Malcom Reynolds

Captain Reynolds, or Mal for short, is the browncoat rebel turned smuggler on the outer rim. Being captain of the Serenity firefly class ship means that he is responsible for keeping his ship and it’s crew alive and well. Which when you are in the outer fringe and doing what you can to avoid running into the Alliance is harder than it sounds.

Our Mrs. Reynolds

Saffron is Our Mrs. Reynolds

Saffron is the poor innocent backwoods country girl who is passed off in marriage to the drunkard Mal when her previous caretaker cannot pay his debts. Her poor innocent flower will need protection on the heathen den of iniquity known as Serenity. Will the Shepherd Book be able to spare her indignity. Will Mal come to terms with the fact that he is married? Is Saffron really who she seems?



Inara, the companion with the heart of gold. She is beautiful, educated, talented and costs a few months salary a night. Of course she gets to choose her clients.

Afro Puffs-stronaut ATC

Girls from Outer Space ATC swap

I recently joined an ATCS for All ATC swap entitled Handdrawn/painted Girls From Outer Space. This time I made 3 cards for the swap, a host card and then additional 3 themed ACEO cards to be put up for sale at a future point in time.

Pinups in Space

This swap is golden. Mixing the two eternally popular themes, girls and space. This may have been why I ended up a total of 7 cards for a 3:3 swap. But I think that more specifically it was because they were so much fun to make.

Afro Puffs-stronaut

Afro Puffs-stronaut ATC

The Afro Puffs-stronaut is rocking ruff and stuff

All right, I don’t think that anyone will understand this card. But when going with the creative flow, things can get a little bit strange. Back in 1991, I was in college, in fact I had just started college. At the time there was this rap song by Lady of Rage featuring Snoop Dogg called Afro Puffs. I am not sure how many people saw the video on MTv to begin with, much less remember it. For me it was one of those songs that gets linked forever with a place and time, for better or worse.

So as I rock on with my bad self, I am making this ATC and I thought to myself, what if I give her Afro Puffs like that video from college. So I did. Now she is the only ATC to ever commemorate a song that very few people remember. Now that is classy.



Captain Jane ATC

I am not exactly sure why, but Jane reminds me of Captain Kathryn Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager. Something in the eyes I think. Definitely not the yellow skin or green hair. I never was a big fan of the Voyager series. I tried watching it a few times, but I never did grow any attachment to any of the characters.

Jane here is in full space suit, complete with 60′s-esque glass bubble helmet, ready for the rigors of space.


Jezebel ATC

Jezebel the not-a-twilek girl from outer space

Although the Twi’lek slave girl look made popular in Return of the Jedi might look like what this picture is inspired by, you would be wrong to think so. Ok, maybe not completely wrong. She does have head tails which are distinctly Twi’lek. So let me say that if you think that Jezebel was inspired by Twi’lek girls from Star Wars you would be only partially correct. She was also inspired by… girls, yes girls from space! Ok, you got me. The head tails were inspired by Twi’lek head tails, but they are distinctly segmented and they are not blue. However, now that I think about it, a Twi’lek slave girl would make a hot card. I should make one.

On the other hand, the name Jezebel itself is a very sexy name. Is it the biblical reference, the bad girl connotations or the character from Jacob’s Ladder? I’ll go with the bad girl connotation. What do you think?


Katrina ATC

Katrina the tribal space girl

Katrina has dreads and dreads are cool. She also has a corset or a half-corset. That is cool too. I enjoy watching the doctor, but I would take corsetrey over bow-ties any day. Sorry 11th doctor.

I am pretty sad about this scan on this card. It is very brightly colored. He skin is a nearly fluorescent pink, which would explain why the scanner didn’t pick it up very well. I like using fluorescent colors in my cards and paintings, but unfortunately they don’t show up in scans at all. Digital photography fares a little better, but still doesn’t pick it up completely.

Additional ACEOs

Lady of Rage – Afro Puffs